Chick Flick

Feb 21, 2012, 7:33 PM |


Ask me what’s the percentage of women watching movie chick flicks or even telenovelas (drama sequel) now a days?  Wise guess, almost seventy percent of them. Women are like waves when she felt love, her self esteem rises and falls like waves. A woman’s capacity to love is directly proportional to how she feels about her self, if her self esteem is high, she’ll be more loving and appreciative in everything. They always want into details of everything that is why they talk a lot. Some women are compared to radio, machine gun, chicken, and even a beat box because when they talk it seems like they are NBI agent. Even small part of there discussion they want the pure details of it. Do you know why some girls are in love with shopping? Because they love going into details of the product they want to buy.  One of my hated parts is when my girlfriend wants to buy something in the mall and she wants me to be with her. For me it’s a lo0ng…… journey ( just kidding my dear) Try to observe television commercials the target market are women’s  perfume, soap, shampoo, cosmetic products, dietary drinks  that women will surely love to have I repeat some of them not all.  Women are exaggerated for example when I was a young boy my mom would always say this with a scary face, (whatever circumstances we had she always had that look) Powell’ why that every time I call you for our lunch you always take so long to come I need to wait for an hour for you to come?  What? Guys are this true?  Sounds familiar?  One of my favorite about them is when they learn to love you they will surely give everything they have to please you and adore you. Chit chat is not only a part of there attitude I think it’s in there genes.  If appreciation is the most loving part of men TLC (tender, love and care) is the source of happiness of women. When you hurt a woman you can’t argue with her emotion because when it comes to her emotion, she has absolute knowledge.  One of the big differences of men and women is when they’re upset, men usually want to have a quiet time and think. Women don’t do that they want to talk a lot and find the relief on that particular issue. Have you notice why men always bring chocolate and flower for women during courtship?  In my own opinion flower represent beauty and chocolate is sweetness women always want they guy to be sweet and of course they want to be the most beautiful girl in there partners eyes. Women just love to be loved and that’s there strength.