Drink or Die

Feb 23, 2012, 10:41 AM |


 Very powerful among them all! Our body is composing of 75% water our world is also compose of 70% water. The water can easily vanish all things on earth remember the story of NOA? When GOD allow the flood to destroy all the human creatures? One year after the most flooded history of the Philippines typhoon ONDOY kills a lot of people. But did you know that this powerful creature not only a destroyer? One of the greatest medicines is water therapy. People can leave a month even without food while it takes just 40 hours for a human not to drink water. It replenishes body resistance we all know the benefits of water. For me water is one of my luxuries things on earth. I love to swim! We just have to utilize the water carefully use it in a proper way no such word such as El Niño I don’t believe it. I mean how on earth will water disappear?  No way for lack of water maybe the distributor of water neglect there duties or don’t enlarge there responsibilities on us but not the water. As I started this journey I start at the most requested beverages in the world when all liquid stuff originates THE WATER.




BLOW JOB- on a shot glass in order.                 BLACK RUSSIAN- on a rock glass

1.       10ml    kahlua coffee liqueur                  1. 1 jigger or 30ml vodka

2.       10ml    baileys                                           2. ½ jigger or 15ml kahlua

3.       10ml    vodka                                             3. 100 grms tube ice

Note: you can replace vodka on blow job if you do not want it flaming you can use whip cream instead.

  Correct timing to intake water will maximize its effectiveness to human body!

2 glasses of water 30 minutes before meal help digestion.

1 glass after wake up helps activate internal organs.

1 glass before sleep to avoid stroke or heart attack the entire night

1 glass after taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.