Needz Moar Xenu

Needz Moar Xenu

Feb 14, 2008, 3:01 PM |

Free Xenu 


So, not being a Dianetic or anything, yet being highly amused by the Anonymous hijinks of the last couple of weeks, Xenu has been more and more in my consicousness lately.

Maybe it's because he's got such a cool name. Or maybe it's because regardless of how much an ass the Scientologists make him out to be, according to their philosophy, Xenu is in part responsible for the way humanity is. Which isn't great. But all in all, is better for us than if humanity wasn't at all. 

After all (if you believe Scientology), if there were no Xenu to dump millions of people from spaceplanes into volcanoes to create angry ghosts to haunt us and convince us that we're Jesus, there would probably none of the effing drama craziness that makes us human. Like being an uber compeitive chess phreak. Which would mean that this site wouldn't exist. Which would mean that I'd be really bored at work.

So, here' s the Xenu tribute haiku:

Xenu, I for one
welcome our old galatic
overlord, yo.