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Conclusion of August Knights

Conclusion of August Knights

Sep 1, 2016, 9:07 AM 2

After a 3-0 start in the August knights, I lost my last two games as black to fall to 7th place. Here is a look at my last game.  We were both in time trouble, and I lost due to missing a mate in 2. Yes, a mate in 2. *SMH* Im so embarrassed.


Despite the disappointing finish, it was a fun game and a fun tournament.  On the bright side, I finished with a 3rd category norm and a ratings boost of about 35 points. Up to 1477.
Tournament Performance
Norm Progress
Next Steps
As I do not have much time to study chess these days, my study plan consists of only three things. Tactics, Tactics and Tactics.  I want to see how much improvement in my rating I can get just by improving in tactics.
I will be doing 15 tactics a day, but I will be focusing strictly on accuracy. I will not care if it takes me two hours to do a tactics problem, I am aiming for 100%.  Of course, if I do end up getting one wrong, I wont dwell on it, but I want to see that % as high as possible.  What bugs me though is that my current TT % includes the past problems I have done, so I guess I will have to keep track of my percentage on my own from this point on.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next August Knights! So long! 

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