Jan 7, 2010, 3:14 PM |

A perception in favor of white has been proven incorrect; the opportunities posed by the opponent's moves begin with the first, providing exploitative positions and  knowledge of that opponents next series of moves. Such foreknowledge permits manipulation of the board, dispersal or containment of opponent pieces, gains in acquisition of major pieces to your advantage, and meshing your tactics with the goal of checkmate.

The energies applied by your opponent enhance your own, as game development - predictable in at least the earlier stages - provide both your own and your opponent's intentions. In point of fact, consideration might easily be made that black enjoys the game advantage.

And it is that very mind-set that provides me advantage when playing; taken as the underdog, making full use of my opponent's tactics (if not strategy) during the game, white's subconscious cries out that this can only be a winning proposition; imagine the surprises when the incisive aggression and checkmate is decidedly black.