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Relating Life to Chess

Relating Life to Chess

Jan 16, 2011, 3:43 AM 4

Well guys,

   I thought it'd be a good moment to drop in a note here. I started playing this game not too long ago because I've always been curious about the intellectuality of it. I created this account on 09, but I really started playing almost 5 months ago when I was a poor 547 rated in the 5min speed game, and was really struggling to win games. Then I read over here that practice will make u better; just like in doing any other thing. I’ve kept on playing every now and then and I’m already a 1230. I've also done winning streaks of 10 games. The point is, I can totally understand why chess is known for always having a way to find new moves, and for making people fall in love with the game. This is because you don't just have fun playing it, you can always learn something new and expand your vision of the game. 

   This in fact is a lot like life itself, moving the right chips to accomplish something, still aware of your own "people" and yourself, "(usually the queen who represents the strongest warrior). All of us at one point or another, picture ourselves as warriors in life. Maybe planning a play at it from an outer point of view will help you find some answers to your puzzle. Ask questions, give yourself many chances at new probabilities. Evaluate your surroundings, look for that niche or opening that'll lead you to victory. But be careful, wrong moves could cost you BIG time! Does not mean you'll die though, as long as you fall or lose and without suffering from an unexpected heart attack death right after... lol You get live and you can start all over again as a stronger player who's ready to match up with the best in the near future. Think "Yes sir". Endless possibilities, constant test, simply relating lif to chess... 



Good day everybody,


God Bless!


Bryan Cid Borrero

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