Weakness of Engines - Part #2: Fritz 5.32 vs Bendcat

Aug 21, 2007, 12:17 AM |

This is one of my favorite counterattack, the Traxler counterattack. A lot of issue about this counterattack, they say that this counterattack will not win in computer chess if white try to move the best. And a chance came to prove how strong this moves, when this fritz 5.32 do the Fried Liver opening.


Fritz rating to the middle game was so high and later fell on the ground, then after, became favorable to black.


These moves are totally thinking out of the box, beating the computer chess doing so well and having a high rate then suddenly fell down.








Hope you enjoy it!


All the moves of Fritz 5.32 is based on the capacity of my computer processor, I'm not sure if it will done the same to you, my Computer has a Intel P4 processor and memory is 512MB (I don't know if it's DDR).


If Fritz doesn't move the same way in the game I show you, you can try to force Fritz to move the first four move.Laughing