A Swansong

Jan 16, 2010, 6:23 PM |

It just occurred to me that I have not posted any games played by Smyslov on here (at least, none that I am aware of). So here is one that he played in the 55th USSR Championship. Keep in mind that in 1988, he was 67 years old and had to play 17 rounds of chess against an unusually strong field.

In this particular game, he battles with the 19-year old Vasily Ivanchuck. It involves a rook sacrifice and a nice attack. It is a kind of swansong for him. An interesting fact about Smyslov is who he played in his career: from Fedor Duz-Khotimirsky (b.1881) to Etienne Bacrot (b.1983).

By the way...has anyone bought a Google phone yet? If so, do you like it?