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name calling

name calling

Aug 23, 2009, 12:10 PM 6

ok, so i kno its important to understand openings, both for offense & defense. the more i study openings the more options it allows me to use the variations on certain openings. heres my problem; i cant remember all the names of these pre-thought-out moves in the begining of the game. and i wonder how important it is to kno all these names. im actually more a positional player who makes moves based on a stratigic theme i have created, from how things have developed on the board regarding the pieces' position. now, this style of play has a name & i really like it so its been easy to remember...im a romantic player! even tho i take risks, it just sounds so captivating. romantic! anyway, my original point is, i wonder what value, besides easy reference in describing moves, ie. i played the indian defense to theyre english opening. feedback is very welcome here, im curious what other players experience or views are with not just openings that youve memorized but knowing the names of them.

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