My first league match, please help, it will be greatly appreciated

Oct 3, 2010, 12:13 PM |

Hi all, last month I played my first league match. I have been playing chess for 1 year now and I have just joined the Bridlington B team in the Hull and District Association (UK).

Unfortunately I lost my 1st game, to a seasoned league player John Thompson I think his rating was 115 (around that anyhow) I am currently unrated. Anyhow the game went as shown below...


I think my first mistake that lead to all my problems was at move 21 Pawn to C4 I weakened my queen side pawns too much and my position soon feel apart afterwards, I did not resign at the end of those moves but I may well have done. 

Please comment, I need the help! 

Many Thanks in advance,