'12 MI Open

Sep 6, 2012, 11:14 AM |

I played in the two day which was four games of G30 on Sunday afternoon, a 120/40sd60 on Sunday night, and two more of those on Monday.  I didn't play in the last game...it was time to go home.

I'll first post the last game I played, on Monday morning.  I don't know if the dude was screwing with me or if he really was just scatter brained.  He wasn't at the table when I sat down, but his board was.  It was turned so a black square was in the right corner.  He came and sat down and began setting up his pieces.  I was filling out the scoresheet.  I looked up and pointed out the mistake and he turned the board ninety degrees, but the notation was upside down.  I didn't much care and set up my pieces and played e4.

He looked at the board for a minute or two, appearing confused.  I pointed out that the notation was upside down and he asked if I wanted to change it around.  I said, "I don't care, it's up to you," and we played on.  I did notice, throughout the game, that he had no trouble recording the proper notation, so I think he was just trying to mess with me, but I'm not sure.  He seemed like a hell'uva' nice guy.

Here's the game:

This game was played Sunday night at 1900.  I wasn't real keen on playing, frankly.  The night before I had gone to the ballpark to watch the Tigers pull within one game of the Sox and wanted to catch the Sunday night game against the Sox.  The ballgame started at 2000. 

My opponent was a kid--probably 13 or 14--who had a sense of humor.  His dad was playing too and came over to our board before the games started to ask his son how to play against the King's Gambit.  We had a little fun cracking wise about the old man before the game began.  Then I told the kid, "If I'm going to lose, I want it to be swift and glorious."  That got a big smile from him, too.

Anyway, here's the game:

Here is the fourth game of G30:


I'll get the other games up as expeditiously as possible.  I think I only have full notation on one, maybe two, of the G30s.