Does playing chess make you happy??

Oct 28, 2009, 7:53 PM |

Try out the following checklists to see how contented you are at playing chess.

1. How often do you think of a wrong move after making it?

2. Which games do you remember most, the lost ones or succeeded ones?

3. Do you learn from the failures or blame oneself or the other or the system?

4. Do you underestimate the opponents?

5. Do you take on some opponents for granted?

6. Do you enjoy every move that you make on the board?

7. Do you concentrate on winning alone rather than the beauty of playing well?

8. How do you manage your time?

9. Do you neglect your houseghold and familial duties when playing chess?

10. How many games do you play a day?

11. Do you have any other hobby?

12. Do you play chess as a hobby?

13. Do you want to improve your game by observing other's.

14. Do you learn a new lesson everyday in chess?

15. Are you resorting to the same opening again and again?