5. Bxf7+??

Jul 18, 2011, 2:53 PM |

Hey folks,

I played a game recently in which I decided to play wildly and sacrifice a Bishop on move 5.  The sacrifice was inspired by the Wild Muzio Gambit.  I want to know what you think of it, because computer analysis calls it a blunder.

I blundered several times in this game, all in under 10 moves.  9. d4 was not very good, although I still had a strong attack.  But I believe that even if the King had come to e6, I would have had a strong attack after playing d4.  5. Bxf7+ was probably not a very good move, but I am not sure why it is considered a blunder.  Let me show you the Wild Muzio Gambit, which seems to be quite effective.

You can see that the Wild Muzio can be a killer opening.  Even if Black plays Ke8 after Ne5+, White's attack still far outweighs Black's and it might be worth that bishop sacrifice.  If anyone can figure out why 5. Bxf7+ was a blunder, just let me know.  Thanks.