Crazy attacks in the Main Line Latvian Gambit

Mar 25, 2012, 4:56 AM |

The Latvian Gambit is possibly the most aggressive opening in chess, alongside its brother King's Gambit and cousin Danish Gambit.  It sacrifices a pawn in the beginning, but this is usually only the start of the creation of a material imbalance.  Both sides usually are attacking, and the games are never boring.  Both Kings are often on the run throughout the game.

This is a game I played with the Latvian Gambit, against my buddy Noname again.  We deviated from the recommended moves at move 7, and at around move 10 it all broke loose.  The result was a quick, wild finish, which you will probably enjoy.


It was a double - edged game.  White played defense most of the time.  To Noname, if you are reading this, very good game.

In the next game, I played the Queen's Gambit, he countered with the Albin, and it ended in a very exciting draw - a Queen vs. a pair of Bishops and a Pawn.  If I can remember that one, I will post it as a separate post.