Exchange Sacrifice - Positional Mad Panic

Sep 29, 2012, 1:38 PM |

Surely any chess player can think of a time when they played a brilliant positional sacrifice - or so they thought.  We all have a strong desire to play these beautiful sacrifices to double our opponent's pawns or render him completely helpless and bind him up.  Usually, what happens then is he undoubles his pawns and comes out and makes us pay. 

Such was the case in a game I played recently - well, almost.  I sacrificed the exchange on move 11 in order to give him 2 sets of doubled, isolated pawns.  It was going very well, and then he began to crawl out.  Stunningly, however, he seemed to get bored of defending himself.  He sacrificed the exchange back and I proceeded to win easily with a 2 pawn advantage.  Here is the game.