Material vs. Activity Endgame

Aug 16, 2012, 11:31 AM |

I found this position recently in a set of digital photographs.  It is from a game I played about a year ago against a longtime friend whom I had not played in several years. 

Both of us were of about 1200 strength at this time.  We began the game at 6:30 PM one Wednesday, and after an opening blunder (since I was just learning the Dragon) I lost a pawn immediately.  But I pressed on.  Later, I sacrificed another pawn, which made the position extremely complicated.  And stunningly, there were no major blunders until around 10:15 that night when we had to adjourn the game. 

After the adjournment, the next week, my friend blundered a piece and I proceeded to win the endgame.  It took almost 3 hours to finish the game.  To this day it is the longest game I've ever played - 6 hours, 2 sittings.  And of course, many slices of pizza.  

We did not notate this game, but I do have the position which we adjourned in.  I am 2 pawns down, but with compensation.  Whether or not this compensation is sufficient remains a mystery.  I'd like to know your thoughts on it.  In the game, my opponent played Bc6?? which lost a piece and, eventually, the game.