My Best Move Played In This Site

Jul 18, 2013, 6:59 PM |

This is the game where i played my best move in this site.......although the game was only 3 mins blitz.....but due to some early inaccuracies made by black ...i was able to come up with a deadly tactic...had to calculate 3 moves deep for about 2-3 possible variations and had only about 2 mins on the clock. Invested a whole minute on the 10th move and the result was that i came out with a decisive material advantage to win the game easily. 


My comment on every move is visible by clicking on the movelist buttion on the board. It can be seen only after the moves are played out. 
The 6th move Nf6 by black was not an error bcoz 7th move Be7 was a sound reply.....but what i missed was black had a chance of surviving the game....lets see if u can find it ?
now here is the entire game....although 13th move onwards my game may not be good but the sole reason was time pressure. 
This blog post is just an experiment....based on the response i get i would put more posts in the future....