My Coaching Game #2

Jul 31, 2013, 10:05 AM |

Welcome to my second coaching game. Although the game had to be adjourned due to lack of sufficient response, i feel this game is a very good game fr training purposes especially because it has a lot to do with basic ideas and tactics and strategies. 

Here is the game....

Now after the move Q d5 .....we r already having a very sharp position where white can try to fight for an advantage by playing the seemingly deadly move Qh5+ . Then one of the possible variations wud be 

Altough black is a pawn down, but i believe black has compensation with very active knights. With precise play black can aim to draw the game but that would require white to play very accurately. In such positions White has a higher probability of making mistakes.

But the move chosen in the game was a very calm and yet solid way to continue preventing any tactical liabilities.....

I would have loved to play this game till the very end !!!

Although black is down a pawn, the advantage enjoyed by white is very little since this position is an extremely complicated one. Long term strategies would play a vital role in this game. 


Share your possible variations and ideas in the comments box. If possible please make use of chess board to explain ur thoughts.