Opening Tactics

Aug 4, 2013, 1:03 PM |

Most of the opening tactics arise out of gambits. One such very powerful gambit is the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. It starts with 1.e4  d5   2.d4   dxe4   3.Nc3   Nf6  4.f3  exf3  5.Nxf3.

Here i wud like to mention that Qxf3 is also possible by which white ends up gambiting 2 pawns in the opening but with a very powerful attack. This opening is shown with a very popular game which should be remembered by anybody who wishes to add this opening to their repertoire.  

Here in this game the attacking opportunies is very much in white's favour. Black has to be really careful about defending its position. There is already a mating attack on move 8. Lets see if u are black , how u defend this position ....

In an actual OTB game this position would be a very challenging position to play. 

My game was against Moonlight-Shadow who wanted to go fr a comfortable middle game with the scandinavian of the most popular opening of those who do not like to learn lengthy opening theory (including myself). But he was in for a surprise with this early pawn sacrifice. White achieved an early open f-file and all I had to do was exploit it using the second most powerful piece on board ....the rook. Here is the game

When white gambits a pawn in the opening, if black is not sure that he can handle all the sorts of attack , black should probably return white the same number of pawns to neutralise the game. In this game I was able to equalise material by damaging black's position. This game was positionally won right from the 7th move Bxf7. Winning the game from such position is a matter of technique.(which i am still very very bad at. Especially losing games when i am piece up Cry ).
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