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Struggle Against Fritz13

Struggle Against Fritz13

Oct 1, 2013, 4:59 AM 19

This is the game I recently played against Fritz13 at a rating of 1860. Time control was 1hr | 20secs and after 40 moves 1hr more. Early gamble with the position paid up after move 40 where I had a comfortable position to play with.

I analysed the game with Fritz13 (unleashed) later and found that i had an instantly winning move which i had not considered even once. Now here's a test for guys who love to take challenges. U can write ur answer in the comment box. 

I have presented my entire game....and that killer move is between 17th and 27th move. Lets see ur tactical vision and positional analysis. I'll be giving the answer later on ....when i realize that sufficient number of people have tried to solve it.

Others ...please dont see the comments..... first try it out yourselves and then u may compare the answer.

Although this game went on for about 4 hrs....I thoroughly enjoyed it. So what r u waiting for.....start searching for the answer and leave it in the comments box.....BEST OF LUCK Wink

And a special thanx to the user  http://www.chess.com/members/view/mehdi_mechanic who guided me through all the steps for having this exceptional software. 

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