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Struggle Against Fritz13_Rated - 2200

Struggle Against Fritz13_Rated - 2200

Jan 12, 2014, 6:42 AM 15

Hi all....Its been a long time since I have posted anything......Lately I've been practicing to play strategic chess as opposed to the over aggressive chess I used to play. Its was a tough decision to make ... whether to change my style of play....but against engines...i realised. unless the position is damn clear...never make sacrifices. 

Here in this post I've put forward 2 games of mine which I played against Fritz13 at 2200 rating. Till now my score against fritz at this rating stands at -15 with 5 wins and 2 draws. In this mode no takebacks is allowed. 


Here goes my first game......


Got an amazing pawn storm on the king side ...but with no concrete plan......just an intuiton that it might work. Now what should black do...taking the pawn would open the h-file and black king is a goner....

Here's how it went ....


In my analysis later....I found that in this position, I had a KILLA MOVE. With this move I would have won the game immediately...lets see how many of u can solve it correctly.


Here's how the game went.....


Here again I had a Killa Move....and this should be comparatively easy to spot. Lets see how many of u can get this one.....


And here is the supa strategic game that I played for about 5 hours. Was damn tired at the end of the game to analyse it. Feel free to give your suggestions about better moves and also the explanation for it.


Since I have not analysed the second game....please feel free to suggest better moves and tactics which I may have missed like the previous game. Looking forward for lots n lots of comments .....




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