7 Reasons why Bullet is STUPID

May 23, 2014, 9:21 PM |
1. The Sideburn Attack works about 80% of the time at sub-2000 bullet ratings
2. About 90% of the moves played past the opening are complete blunders
3. You get idiots adding notes saying how you "only play for time" every time you flag them when they don't realize that they are playing bullet. You're supposed to flag people in bullet...
4. To add on to that, only about 40% of the games actually end in checkmate/resignation. The rest of them end up in one side flagging when they're up a queen.
5. When is the last time you've sat down to play bullet and only played one bullet game? Bullet is one of the biggest time wasters on chess.com.
6. Bullet actually can help your over the board game... by helping introduce you to new openings and acting as a quick way for you to practice your openings. The problem is: only about 20% of the openings played in typical bullet games are actually legitimate.
7. It is the most fun and most stupidly addicting thing on chess.com...