biTzjustin VS Arnolio

Dec 30, 2012, 6:02 PM |

Hello there! I'm newbie here. :D I can't find the blog's area. I just want to share my comment about my battle against Arnolio. 1st game I'm in a white piece, I kicked his butt by hitting him an aggressive moves. My openings are so common to him and make him familiarized it. :) I dominate him and he resigned haha. 2nd game is very difficult to me because in just 5-6 moves my bishop was died. I didn't surrender, I become positive, I reversed the situation, then finally I won, very crucial XD

3rd game is also a nice game for me. He defends his base very well, but it’s not enough because my offense is very strong. I destroyed his formation! Haha. Hey Arnold this one is for you, 3 winning streak. I suggest you to practice. Haha peace! Good luck!