Justin vs Arnolio part 2

Jan 5, 2013, 11:00 PM |


This is the first game. I can't give an accurate info because it was happened 4 days ago. :D I keep attacking him with my black piece, he always defending eventhough he's in white piece. The opening is quite familiar again, i just shot him a dominant mate within 17 moves because he didn't saw my sniper(bishop).


This is the second game, if you can see his pieces, he's about to trap my king but sad to say it leads him in suicidal situation. He didn't recognize my counter attack while he's busy thinking how to mate my king. But good job Arnolio for this match, you did your best. This match is too tight for us, very good defense both sides.


Third game, maybe he is too tired for this game because i easily make him surrender, he deceived again by my bishop, then he loses his queen. Laughing


Fourth game, a pawn mate. I think he's already fall asleep in this game and when he got his turn maybe he is dreaming playing chess while it is really happening in reality. Hahaha just kidding. He is totally tired in this game because we have different time zone. Its quite late there in his country. The image shows how the game has ended. :) 

Nice game Arnolio, you did your best in our matches. Til next time buddy!