3 recent games

Sep 6, 2013, 10:29 AM |

I wanted to post three recent games. I think I'm slowly getting better. I keep doing tactics daily and going through annotated games. Right now I'm using Dan Heisman's Most Instructive Amateur game book. Well worth the money.

First game is a recent online tournament game. I took advantage of hanging pieces when I could. I did win after he made a major blunder. He resigned because I had mate in one.


The next is 10/0 online game I played late one night. I think I supported my pieces well. I did miss a earlier, easier checkmate, but I did finally find mate.


The last one was my DHLC weekly game. I had played and beaten this person before. I think I was doing alright, but then instead of playing slowly each move like I had done the whole game, I got greedy, lost my queen and that did it. 


I'd love to hear any comments on any of the games. Thanks!