Liking my new chess set

Aug 29, 2013, 11:54 AM |

A couple of months ago, I needed a new chess set and board. All I had was the cheap glass set I think I bought at Walgreens. So I went to and looked around. I bought this solid plastic set.

It's not weighted, but it feels solid and heavy enough. When I've turned the board around to play black, I've knocked the rooks onto the floor and they don't even get scratched. I also like the standard design. The colors are black and cream.  And the knights aren't scary. (Don't laugh, some sets those horsies look mean!) The set comes with an extra white and black queen, which will be nice one day when I actually get into an endgame.

The board I got was bigger than I expected. The colors are navy and buff. My set fits it well though and thankfully I have a huge computer desk so I have the set just off on the right side of my desk, with its own light and everything.

The cost was great, although shipping was about the same amount as the items. That sucked.

So just wanted to say I am quite happy with my new set.  One day I hope to play as well as it looks!