sick people

Aug 23, 2009, 3:18 AM |

(for legal reasons il name no names just replace them with letters)

A few weeks ago person "A" came out with a very racist comment towards the president of the United States of America which led person "B" to quit Team "X".

Once I learned of this player "B" leaving Team "X" I went into the said team and kicked off asking if this kind of comment was going to be tolerated and when i didnt get a reply i quit Team "X".

One of the admin of team "X" (we shall call this person "C") asked the admin team of Team "X" if this kind of comment was acceptable and after arguing for a while saying that racist comments shouldnt be tolerated he was booted from Team "X".

So, then another admin of the same team (person "D") was asking why person "C" was booted and why these comments were being allowed he TOO got booted from Team "X".

Over the next few days more and more people walked from Team "X" and everyone that asked questions of the teams admin they too was booted simply for asking what had happened to the 2 admins.

So we all get together and created a new team (we can call this team "Z") and set about informing people of the unfair attitude of the admin in Team "X" whilest recruiting for our team "Z".

Some members of the admin in Team "X" took offence to this and created group "Y" and set about harrassing me by inviting friends of mine to the team which has annoyed some of my friends.

THEN they started challenging all the teams i am super admin or admin in further harrassing me. Now this wouldnt have bothered me so much but they named the group "Y" very similar to my own name so it was pretty obvious it was a dig towards me.

Myself and a few of my friends reported the group for abuse and they was forced to change their name which they changed first to BNP (which as we know its british nationalist party a complete bunch of racists) but then they changed their name again.

These people in this group (well the admins at least) r a bunch of really hateful hurtful people and i will have nothing to do with any of them, to the point i have blocked each one of them from ever contacting me.

If anyone of you want to know who these people and / or groups r send me a private message and il more than happily tell ya