Too Many Alerts

Oct 13, 2010, 2:56 PM |

Time: 10.48pm


Internet speed: Bottomed out (slow)

Alerts: Too damned many ...

Right now this is what I am facing...

Tournament Games
Team Match Games
Chess Games
Vote Chess Games

On top of that I am ALSO facing:

New Comments# New
Post your babes! 31 new comments
Pawn of Trade 20 new comments
Fave Music 12 new comments
iron man challenge 9 new comments
Pawn of Posture/kl 8 new comments
A Trooper Invite to Super Game! 7 new comments
Being sued? 6 new comments
The Nuts want to make SOUPer Troopers 6 new comments
Team India Vs Team Canada 5 new comments
Adults Pyramid 4 new comments
Asia vs Britain 3 new comments
Swiss II Vote Chess Tournament SuperTroopers vs Creature Squad 3 new comments
Animal Lovers vs Spartan warriors <> 960 2 new comments
Rematch - The Pawn Tea Party! 2 new comments
Adults Unlimited 960 2 new comments
VCLT Open Swiss I R6: Team Britain vs. Team South Africa 2 new comments
TVC Premier Cup Round 2 CHESS UNLIMITED vs TEAM SOUTH AFRICA 2 new comments
TVC RANDOM CUP 2010 R1 2 new comments
Wallyjacks KO tournament Division 4 1 new comment
1st Canadian Team Championship 1 new comment
October Games - Times & Links 1 new comment
World League 2010 Division D 1 new comment
Showcase 1 new comment
First Day Back At School 1 new comment
Brave Wally's 1 new comment

I have only just got onto my computer (well laptop) and already I am facing melt-down due to all this.

Some of you WILL say "Oh its all your own fault you should try and cut down" or "Ooooh you shouldn't be in as many groups as you are" or whatever...

This is to all them friends... YES I KNOW!!

I am not looking for sympathy far from it I just hope you can all appreciate how bogged down I am when you ask me to do this or do that or can I ask you something else.

I WILL respond but it won't be immediately so please please bear with me ok?