we r all different

Jun 23, 2008, 4:55 PM |

We r all born under the same moon and stars but r we all the same?? heck no!!!


We r all different as a fingerprint we r all bright shining stars with a dark element deep inside us!!


See some peoples dark side creeps out into public view more than others .....

i have friends who r a lot of dark but they only ever show their bright shining side in public and there r friends of mine that r mostly bright lights shining but they only ever show their dark side?!



I think its coz of something called smoke screens and building walls around ourselves (this is certainly the case for me anyway)!! We can be anything or anyone while we r on the net cant we? We can lie through our teeth and maybe never get found out that is the wall we put around ourselves, depending on the safety of the internet!!  


Come on people i wanna see this debate take off ..... do u have a smoke screen and why??!!