Rating Check

Dec 11, 2007, 1:15 PM |

Hi everyone,

 I'm 12-1 and my rating seems to be going up very slowly because I'm playing a few low ranked players (or just a lot lower than me).

 Ilenn timed out with only 4 moves into the game. So I won there pretty easily.

 Nugget was a challenge but with a clever fork (skewer) he missed the checkmate. Didn't even see what hit him in the face. Good game though. He kept me on my feet until I did that.

 I stumbled across thechampishere and he swatted me once I made a sill move concerning my move with a queen and a knight.

 Knightly resigned once I got his rook and king into a fork.

 jbell timed out but he was actually winning.

 craigtm was actually my best win despite his rating at the time was 1700. I didn't lose a single piece andcheckmeted him in 14 moves.

 masticore timedout as well and fell victim to the dark side.

 moody rsigned after I crushed him with m queen.

 shankar_india also lost to timing out.

 I'm about to lose at least another 2 games against eiffuy and markomolde unfortunately. Oh well, I think I need a few more losses. Join team blackness!!!