My 2nd FIDE Event 9-26-27/2014 'Quest for the NM title'

Sep 30, 2014, 7:10 PM |

I just finished my second FIDE inventational tournament with a even score +2, -2, =1 and the field had 10 players with the lowest USCF rating of 1805 to strart.   My group included 1 NM, 3 Experts, and 5 1900+ players and the 1805 who wanted to gain a FIDE rating or increase their current FIDE rating.  I will post my games from the event without many notes.   I will have annotated games for my group Chess fusion.   I will however say that I was in a fighting mood and you want find much in the old opening books about my games.

Round 2 I had Todd and last time we played and I had White he choose the Petroff Defense and I got nothing but 170 move draw and I told myself I have to come up with something to prevent drawing this guy and getting a lively position even if I am slightly worst I will outplay him in this game I outfoxed myself.

In Round 3 I got local Expert Bradley Guan a youngster that I thought if I mixed things up (move orders) and score a quick point.

After stealing a half point in round 3 I told myself I can still place 2nd if I can put together two more games in this long 4 round day that started at 6am for me.   I have to 'Bear Down'

Yes, Now I only need to bag this last point but I am tired and hungery since the rounds started 1 after another (I guess that's why its called the Exhaution touranment) ok Will Bear Down!