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Your best game...or maybe your just you favorite.

Your best game...or maybe your just you favorite.

Mar 22, 2014, 7:01 AM 0

I've been playing my best friend more and more lately, just got him to start signing on to this site so we can keep playing while we're at work.  These games are good because we're both strong stratagists and have contempt for Bishops.  I was a late bloomer though, didn't get into chess until college where my roomate was a very strong player.  I played him nightly for weeks before I defeated him.   After our skill level had more or less equalized, we were able to explore deeper into the technical functions of the game layed out by those who've mastered it.  I've got to the point that I don't even mind losing a game anymore so long as I don't forget to consider the errors and flaws that led to my loss.  Favorite?  Best?  The ones I learn from are my favorites, but any game that I win is always going to be my best.

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