My Early Days on

Jul 5, 2015, 12:14 PM |

I joined on May 24, 2015. I registered with my mom's e-mail because I forgot my e-mail. :(

I registered on the old version of the app. You know, the one with learning positions and setup position. The first thing I did was some tactics problems. I pretty much failed on all of them. I watched a preview on a video teaching what to do against 1. e4. The next day I decided to do some live chess games. The first game we agreed on a draw. (We only did one move!) The next I did was a blitz game. After a few moves, it looked like my opponent never moved. But I running out of time! I didn't know until a few weeks later. After that game, it said, " draganradonjic wins on time." I thought it said he won by timeout. I thought it was crazy!

The third game wasn't such a good one. I had to resign when white forked my king and rook with a knight. What a knightmare!

So for the first few days, I only did 3 tactics and no lessons. I realized there were lessons when I found the real site. I started to do 5 tactics. Soon, I got my first friend. He is someone I knew. A few weeks later, I (accidently!) updated the app. This was a big mistake because I "lost" the setup position and the learning positions. So now I have to go to computer workout and get bad feedback whenever I make a little or big mistake. At least I got the lessons. Luckily, I soon got diamond membership. Tip: Don't do too many tactics if you have diamond or platinum membership.