My interesting chess games

My interesting chess games

Sep 28, 2012, 6:33 PM |

    Just a place for games i deem interesting, memorable, or just plain fun to play thru over again.



I blundered quite a number of times in this game, wasn't very happy with the result.


In the next game, my opponent pretty much gave me the game, all i had to do was to make sure not to give the advantage back


next set of games were in a tourney(in fact most of my games are).

the second round in the 5 round tourney(i won the first). opponent was rated a bit below me so i expected a win. though i was surprised with a game i almost lost, he blundered and gave it to me.

game 3 of tourney

with my dreams of gold shattered in a match i shd have won, i took the 4th game hoping for a silver at least

here, i quit the tourney. these last two games show my greatest flaw, which is i blunder away winning positions. any help would be appreciated.

the next set of games is from another <1500 tourney, which i won

game 1, against the top seed. i spotted a mistake and punished the guy

i was pretty psyched about beating the top seed and enthusiastic about the rest of the tourney.


in game 2, i experimented with an opening i was developing at the time. it failed, was broken into pieces, but my opponent blundered his queen and resigned


in game 3, i got a pawn ahead early on in the game, held on the the lead until the endgame, where that pawn queened and won me the game


game 4 was another blunder by opponent, and i was as always on hand to punish


my opponents opening was not so strong in game 5, it gave me a very strong position and i butchered his uncastled king

one of many tourneys i've won so far.XD


i think my major problems now are that:

1. I still blunder too much, but i sort of expect this to fade as i progress

2. I never really make any brilliant combinations. i always just wait for opponent to blunder, then strike. this makes my play against higher rated guys who don't make many mistakes difficult.

Any help would be appreciated. I really wanna improve my game