Isn´t it weak move?

Jun 22, 2010, 11:09 PM |

Yeah, now it is the first article.

I will give some comments to my recent online game with 75QICD. In this game, my first online game, i tryed some expierement. Sometimes one think this was a weak move and he or she is lucky. My experiment is to make from a weak move from my opponent i think in my own the next move to weak.

Here two examples, which were occured in the game. In the beginning 75QICD took Sd4, c3, Sf3: . I played according to my statements gf: and give a douple pawn to me. This was the first weak douple.

In the second example in the ending state of game, he played Tb5, a4, Tb2: h5, Tb4. He can win the lady back. Didn´t he see that. I moved a5 to check, if my thinking "weak move to weak move" is right. He only had to move Te5 and i got much trouble.

But he resignated in the next state.

So what i am thinking, in the game the douple pawn wasn´t weak, the two pawns are strong with the playing. And the second weak move was the resignation in order.

Thanks for playing.



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