Dec 7, 2008, 3:26 PM |

The Gambit Gang is looking for new members!!!  

The Gambit Gang is dedicated to all lovers of anything Gambit.  We frequently discuss all types of gambits in our forum and participate in many gambit themed tournaments.  If you're known for a wild and crazy swashbuckling style then this is definitely the group for you!  

You can join by going to the group site HERE


The Gambit Gang group has been around for a year but recently was deleted by its original owner.  It has been restarted and we need to get our numbers back up.  We were getting close to 100 members.  So if you're reading this and were a part of the original group then please rejoin.  We lost a ton of great analysis and games when the original group was deleted.  Lets get this group back on top!