Gambits and UCOs for today..

Nov 3, 2008, 12:26 PM |

Ran these three games in a row on an opponent slightly lower than me in the live room.  We were running 1 min games.  The first gambit is the Franco-Hiva gambit accepted line, the second is the Grob Opening and the third is an Elephant Gambit.  I enjoy using UCOs and Gambits when I play the same opponent multiple times in Blitz games.  As time is precious, throwing them into uncommon waters is always a huge advantage to me.

Since I just learned about the Franco Hiva Gambit I was pleased when my opponent went into the 2nd Accepted Line.  

This next game is with the Grob opening.  The Opponent falls for the classic trap on move three.

And lastly the Elephant Gambit.  The game went Orthodox fairly quickly but I still enjoyed the win.