Lets get Blogging! (computer analysis rant)

Oct 22, 2008, 8:06 AM |

Ok, so I've been blogging a while at blogspot.  My main theme of the blog is testing out Gambits and UCOs (Uncommon Chess Openings) with computer engines.  I love doing analysis with engines as I think their information is very useful.  Many players on this site have a problem with this.  They think I should do my own analysis and not rely on computers.  I have fought this misunderstanding many times.  I do do my own analysis! (hehe, I just said do do, ok, I'm really lame Embarassed)  I use computers as a tool, just like a scientist would use a calculator.  I first do my own analysis but then check it with the computer.  It's great, kinda like having my own GM say,'That was a good line but check out these other two, I think they're better.'  I love Fritz and Rybka 3.  So to all the haters out there... Don't hate the playa.. hate the game.  LOL.. I'm killing myself.

I will post fun Gambit games that i play on  here and also run them through a quick Fritz analysis to get its perspective.  I'll also post personal stuff but that should be rare.  As music is a big part of my life you'll also get to know what I enjoy.  I am currently listening to an old Craig David cd... the 2 step garage one.  The good one... hmmmph.


OK.. I'll see ya'll soon!