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Me vs Frtiz : The Keoni Hiva Gambit

Dec 13, 2008, 9:53 AM 3

I decided to play a 'sparring' match with Fritz 11 running Rybka 3 last night.  It was set to Normal and was playing fast.  So it wasn't at its full potential.  Anyways, for me to be on Normal is pretty high.  Fritz always catches me with that ONE tactic and destroys me.  This wasn't much different but it was fun to use an opening and have Rybka actually run through a variation of it.  I had been studying the gambit for a week or so and have made other posts in the Gambit Gang.  Also many many live games.  Notes by me and Fritz.. also Blundercheck variations.  Be sure to open the MOVE LIST on the bottom right hand corner of the game.  There are many other variations and games in there suggested by Fritz and Rybka.  And awaaaaaay we go.....


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