The Computer Rules, Why?

Oct 23, 2008, 3:09 PM |

I posted this in another blog but since I'm switching over I'd like to bring this article over.  It is from a Patzer's perspective and I only outline the recent 3 rules (5-7).  These are just things that I have noticed by watching many computer engine tournaments.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.. Especially someone who can name these rules.  Thanks.


The Computer Rules, Why? - Rule 4
1. "A solid center is FIRST priority."
2. "Trade on your terms, not your opponents".
3. "Protect your pieces with aggressive/attacking pieces."
4. "There is an inbetween move 90% of the time"

Rule #5 - "Keep all pieces safe at ALL times."

Many times the opponent will attack a piece, and in fear of losing a tempo, I leave the piece there where it gets traded off. So the piece was protected and there was no loss in points BUT now your army is missing a major player, be it a pawn or minor piece.... or whatever. While watching the computer I've noticed that it doesn't trade off pieces lightly. If a piece is attacked it simply moves it, and it moves it to a sometimes better position. So although a tempo may be lost, you can gain it back later by more active pieces. Pieces are very important to the computer.

Rule #6 - "Your king is a reliable and ACTIVE piece."

The computer always uses the King when the time comes. It is not scared or worried about an open King. In fact, it seems like the computer just treats the King as a pawn on steroids. It backs up other pieces and craftly moves across the board. Of course I haven't seen the King come out in the early game but once there only a couple of minor pieces left.. the King WILL move.

Rule #7 - "Its OK to give a piece back."

I have seen this many many times. The computer will totally sneak a piece and the score jumps from an almost even -.35 to a 2.10! The computers battle it out and then out of nowhere the computer that is up a point or so will totally Sac a piece for a gain in a different area of the game. Whether it be for tempo, space, initiative, or whatever. The computer seems crazy. This is almost opposite of rule #5. I guess its ok to give a piece back, just when is the real question.