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Summer Open June Games

Summer Open June Games

Jul 7, 2017, 7:39 PM 0
In this blog post, I talk about the four games I played this weekend at the Summer Open hosted by the South Miami Chess Club. I would highly recommend the event and club!
For each game, I share some light overall thoughts followed by a more in-depth analysis afterwards. 
Game 1: Glad I still played my opening repertoire despite the huge rating gap! He took a very solid approach and it was hard to get something going but I'll keep playing the Smith-Morra for now. 


Game 2: Couldn't quite remember the main line at the board. Was more fearful of White's potential expansion with f4, f5 than I needed to be. One of those tough ones where the game is thrown away with one move. Worth noting, Oscar just started playing tournament chess and his rating will continue to climb until it accurately reflects his playing strength (like myself!)


Game 3: The game was pretty over after Black's ninth move but I'm glad I was precise until the end, especially after reeling from 2 losses.



Game 4: Winning this game was certainly part luck but I did a good job keeping up the pressure all the way until the end. So perhaps, in some senses, it was deserved.

Overall, enjoyed my first tournament coming back after a long break (almost 2 years)! My form could have been better but I think I made up for it with my mental toughness, allowing me to still Looking forward to next month at the South Miami Chess Club. (Quick shoutout to Diego who did a great job organizing the entire tournament!) 


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