Aug 20, 2011, 2:03 AM |

One of my opponent told I was cheating as he thought he should have swept me. But he missed the simpliest tactical motifs and underestimated me. The games were live games ( time: 5 minutes).

Honestly nowadays my rating is low and there is more than 200 difference between my current rating and my best BUT more or less I know the reasons what resulted this sinkage.

Before our games I worried a little because I expected a big fight but my opponent was soft like the butter. He neglected the events on the chess board and played what he want and surprised that his attack was slowed down - finally he lost twice.

In the third game because of our argument I made a terrible mistake and I had to resign. I must have won this game if I would have remembered to disable the chat.

What I would recommend: do not give up,

try to fight and

if you loose try to understand the mistakes you did

These are our games:

Game #1