For fans - cool games

Sep 5, 2016, 9:57 AM |

Before reading this : if you do not know what is, it is basically an online game where you are a tank and you shoot stuff. End of story. But in the time I have been playing, I have had some awesome games. Here are some of the best.


FFA - Free-for-all. Shoot everything you see. I don't play this gamemode very often so only one awesome memory comes to mind.

1. Hybrid vs. the World - if you don't know what a hybrid is, it is slow-shooting but very powerful. It is probably my favorite class. So on FFA, I was a Hybrid, but I had to go do chores. So I decide I will just go around trying to kill people until I die. Well, problem is, I was just too good. I keep killing and killing, and finally decide to go for #1 on the leaderboard. I finally killed him the same time he killed me. I could go into detail, but basically I went on a crazy killing spree even though I was trying to kill myself.


Team DM - two to four teams all against each other. I can think of many cool memories, but I think these are the two best.

1. Attack of Creed - So I was a body damage Stalker (invisible class) vs. a Booster (very fast) named Creed. He ended up killing almost all of my teammates until I killed him. But then he came back and killed me before I killed him again. By the end I hated him A LOT. That was a really crazy war I had against him.

2. JUST DIE ALREADY - So I was a Tri-Trapper (mine-layer) with a couple other teammates, but while I was a trapper, this one Overlord (Has seeker drones) named Tanque OP kept bothering us. I came to really despise him. Eventually he killed my teammates, so tried to retreat, but his teammate 'ixPLODE Fan' killed me. So I came back as a Hybrid, my favorite class, and with another teammate killed Tanque OP. But Tanque came back as a Booster and climbed to the number one spot. With great difficulty, I finished off both Tanque OP and ixPLODE Fan. But guess what, Tanque came back again, as a Hybrid this time. So now it was Hybrid vs. Hybrid. After a hard-fought battle, Tanque clipped my side, finishing me. Off. I came back as a normal tank and my name ' @TanqueOP GG', went over to him, and he of course killed me. He spun around as he did, which is a sign of friendship in GG, TanqueOP. Good battle.


Domination - I can't really explain this gamemode so just look it up.

1. Final Breath - So I was blue team, and red team had 3/4 dominators and were taking down th last one. So my only chance was to contest one of the red team's dominators. So another tank and I took on of red's bases right before they took ours, making the game last a little bit longer. Of course in the end they still won, but it felt pretty good being able to save my team for a little longer.

2. So this time I was once again on blue team. Both teams had 2 dominators. Then all of a sudden my team starts to contest a dominator. I think,"That's pretty cool." But then our team all of a sudden contests another dominator *like a boss*. So the red team cannot keep both dominators and we are victorious. It was just so mind-boggling how quickly the tables turned. Nice job, team.


Tag Mode - last but certainly not least is Tag Mode. Four teams all battle each other, and when you kill someone they go to your team. This is a fairly new gamemode so I only have one awesome memory for this.

1. Just keep swimming - So I was on blue team. Again. So I decided to be a Landmine (body damage). But my team only has 4 people including my self, compared to red's 14, and I am close to dying. But luckily I have good speed and health regen so I actually get out alive by killing a player or two. So now maybe blue has a chance. But then I get surrounded by tanks! Boom, I take down one. Boom, another. But now I am at low health, being chased by another Landmine. So I just keep swimming. I turn around after I regen up and take down that Landmine. By now my team has made a huge comeback. We are now up to around 10 people. So my teammates and I take down some more people, and gradually just crush all of the other players. I ended with a score of 66,000, and it all started with my being chased by tanks. I just kept going and going, only stopping to take down anyone stupid enough to get close to me. Talk about a crazy comeback!

So these are some of my best moments. They may sound boring, but trust me, they are more interesting than they sound.


P.S. My name is usually either FajahTime or Cap'n on You can go to and I may be there.