More cheaters caught!

Aug 30, 2015, 12:41 PM |

Woo hoo! Finally! With the help of friends (JamieDelarosa, 16_TheBestNumber_Pak, and most of all, PaulEChess, who found most of the proof), I have hit 3 cheaters with one stone! This is all the proof you need to see that they are cheaters :

Wow! How do you 2 move checkmate someone who is in the 2000s rating wise?!?! This just screams out cheater. Plus, I have been tracking these three goons for weeks, possibly even months, trying to get good proof on them. And this is what I was waiting for. We have once again kicked them off the site. But how many times will we have to kick them before they leave once and for all? Obviously quite a few times. Some of these people and their buddies (including the annoying and persistent AbelSaju) have been banned over and over before coming back again. If you spot any of these people again, please contact a staff member or other important person. Thanks!