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Push to Promotion

Push to Promotion

Mar 10, 2016, 8:52 AM 0

Hi! Welcome to my blog.  To introduce myself I am a tournament chess player, rated USCF 1652.  Once more I have decided to pursue chess improvement.  I have decided to share my chess process with you.  My main intention in starting this blog is to analyze games, without a comp., and share them with anyone who decides to check them out.  My goal is to play at least one OTB game a week, at a longer time control, to be analyzed and posted.  I will also share with you any training and other chess challenges I take on.


I have been playing chess for the last fifteen years.  I have read numerous books.  My favorite authors include, Silman, Rowson, and Lakdawala. My favorite tournament has to be the Western States Open located in Reno, NV.  Currently I play OTB chess with the CC Chess Club and in Walnut Creek with some great chess compatriots.     


Let's see where this blog goes...

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