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Training game at the cafe

Training game at the cafe

Mar 12, 2016, 9:43 AM 0

John S. v. John H.



A game in which both sides had chances and chances again.  


So what did I learn.  Pushing the c pawn can sometimes be a good idea.  Exchanging off the dark squared bishop in a modern defense isn't so bad.  When playing a queen and pawn ending double check for blunders.  There are three.


I would say the prevailing lesson I'm trying to apply is to continue to pay attention to the concept of time.  In the beginning of the middle game in this contest I found myself in more than one position where I just could not figure out how to play it. I knew I was worse for space and my position was vulnerable.  Challenging the center, exchanging off pieces both could have helped in coming up with a plan and easing blacks task.


It was a fun game and a great opponent. 


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