Chess epiphany

Feb 11, 2016, 12:09 AM |

I was always languishing on 1200-1300 rating. 


But one day last week, I couldn't seem to lose. I won 37 games in a row and my rating when up and up- beyond 1550! This is in blitz chess-- I suddenly saw more things- it was like i solved the problem and the moves became a beautiful dance. I played as a master. 

The only problem i was going mad. My wife commented I was obsessive with chess and defensive in relationships. By day 3 after the epiphany, I had to limit my chess to one hour. 


Has anyone else had this experience of "chess epiphany"? I believe my chess was at masters level because i just was not losing any.


Now with my wife "controlling" my moves within the home- I'm docile player, non offensive and i just feel like i am going to lose everytime, and of course i lose half