A puzzle a day keeps the doctor away

May 10, 2009, 11:39 AM |

I find chess puzzles are great, and the daily chess puzzle chess.com gives us is good, but not on Sunday's and Monday's, they're too easy. Tactics trainer is amazing, but some can only get 3 or 25 of those puzzles a day. So I've decided to do a puzzle a day that'll keep YOUR brain awake, and probably mine trying to think of the puzzles Laughing.

Sunday 10th May: Quite easy (3/10) I know I said Sundays are too easy, but, well, it's good to have a break from a hard one from time to time Laughing

 See my other blog post (About legall's mate coming shortly) for in-depth analysis into this sneaky yet common queen sac.









11th May 2009:

Little tricky, (6/10)









12th May 2009