blog is going to get very busy!!!

Dec 2, 2010, 10:55 AM |

Just an update for you:

I have 8 graded longplay games of chess over 6 days. I had the league match on tuesday. Then the congress with 5 rounds. Then on Monday I have a school chess match vs Torquay Boys B AND a league match an hour after I finish that game

The question I ask you good people: What's the best way to help my stamina doing 7 games over 4 days? I've decided to go to sleep very early tonight to get some extra kip I'll probably lose tomorrow night (unless I finish very early). 

Thanks, and the games will be blogged as soon as i can, however do expect a short delay. Also Pete's Potential's adventure will be updated soon as well, keep your eyes peeled!!!


Tom (brfc)