League match 6: The Uni curse


Yes, THIS is League match number 6. Bd 1 vs Bd 2 meant that I (bd 1) played OUR bd 2 as our opponents didn't turn up. 

So, in the 2.4 (very precise ;D) years of playing chess, I have never beaten a Bristol Uni player, even from completely winning positions, and have only drawn once and lost 6 or 7 times. I have the Uni curse. Today I planned to beat the Uni curse. I played a new person at the Uni, whose grading perf was 167 from 2 games (so not very accurate). I had a look and couldn't find a grade from another country or on the ecf grading. Now then, let's break the uni curse!!!!!!!!

So the team lost 3-1, but at least i played a great game and didn't make it a whitewash!!!
note to bluechessmaster: 50p down the drain I'm afraid :P